Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NV-03: Dina Titus Will Face... Joe Heck??!!

Wow. This race keeps getting weirder and weirder. Apparently now, there may be another serious Republican challenger to Dina Titus.

Former Republican state Sen. Joe Heck is “seriously considering” dropping out of the governor’s race to challenge Democratic Rep. Dina Titus for Southern Nevada’s congressional seat in Washington.

According to conservative activist Chuch Muth’s news service, Heck attended a meeting in Las Vegas on Monday called by fellow Republican John Guedry, who announced last week he was dropping out of the race, and was encouraged to run.

Heck is expected to decide whether he’s in by the end of the week, the report said.

He's still a pretty big name in Henderson, so Dina may again face a tough race if Heck decides to jump in where John Guedry left off. Still, if he could lose what was once a Republican-leaning suburban Henderson State Senate seat, maybe he's not the formidable challenger that Democrats should fear too much.

Nonetheless, I'm sure Team Titus must be breathing a bit more easily these days as they look at the utter confusion on the Republican side here in the 3rd District. Just sayin'... ;-)

UPDATE: Steve Sebelius has more on this story, including an R-J story from Saturday that quoted Heck's campaign team as saying he will stay in the Governor's race "fo' sho'". Heh. So which is, Dr. Heck? Will he stay or will he go? Ah, another day of Republican insanity in The High Mojave!

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