Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oscar Goodman Strikes Back... At the Media!

Yes, this is really Oscar Goodman's letter to Joel Stein in response to his not-so-flattering portrayal of Las Vegas in The Great Recession. While Vegas has hit rock bottom with a collapsed real estate market, painfully high unemployment, and frustratingly low hotel occupancy levels and room rates, there's plenty to de depressed about. However, Mayor Oscar wants us to turn those frowns upside down and remember that Vegas always knows how to beat recessions!

“The article "Less Vegas" [Aug. 24] may leave readers with the impression that Las Vegas' best days are behind us, but that couldn't be further from the truth. There's still a lot of activity and excitement left in the city. Even during the worst recession in decades, Las Vegas is projected to host about 36 million visitors in 2009. In the past year, Las Vegas has had more than $13 billion of new business development as well as major projects that are set to open in the next few months. Like many cities, Las Vegas has felt the impact of the economic downturn. However, investors still have confidence in Las Vegas, and the long-term future of our city is bright. Oscar B. Goodman, Mayor, LAS VEGAS”

Oscar Goodman can be weird at times. Sometimes, he can even be frustratingly anti-progressive. Still, this is one of those moments when I love him to pieces! Like him or not, no one can deny that he LOVES Las Vegas and will do whatever he can to make sure this town succeeds. I sometimes disagree on his policies, but I can't disagree with his passion.

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