Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quick Update from "The OC"

Hi, everyone! Just 5 more days until I come home... I promise? How is everything back home in The Silver State?

I hear the teabaggers carpetbagged their way into Vegas. Did they give you some good laughs? It seems they gave Dean Heller more ridiculously untrue material.

Oh yeah, and I heard Mr. Gleaner got quite a good laugh from them!

And is Harry Reid really growing a spine? Oh please, oh please, let it be so! Again, Reid's clearest path to reelection next year is to deliver on the promises he made to progressives so we will be as motivated to help him as we were in giving Barack Obama a 12.5% landslide victory in Nevada!

Wow, now I know why I haven't been smelling Station Fire smoke here in Orange County... It's all going to Vegas! WTF??!! Please, oh please, let there be rain this week!

Meanwhile, the boondoggle in the making also known as "DesertXpress" looks to start construction next March. Want to take bets on how long before we see it pull a "Las Vegas Monorail"?

OK, that's enough for now. I'll check in again later. And in the mean time, follow my OC restuarant reviews at Urbanspoon and my photos at Facebook. See you again soon! ;-)

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