Friday, September 25, 2009

Join ProgressNow Nevada in Saying No to Johnny Casino's Latest Cheap Gimmick

Here's the latest update from ProgressNow Nevada on Johnny Casino's latest stupid gimmick. If you're as mad as I am, sign up for the protest and/or sign this petition. People here in Nevada are suffering because of lack of adequate health care, and he responds with crazy teabagger gibberish? Why is this guy still our Senator?

ProgressNow Nevada
Dear Friends:

Sen. John Ensign has sunken to new lows in his futile bid to restore his sullied reputation.

Today, Ensign glommed on to the right-wing agenda of inaction, perhaps hoping it takes attention off his own ethical and moral troubles. Today he told the Senate Finance Committee he wanted any "czars" handling health care issues to go through Senate confirmation.

Talk about important. Nevadans are hurting. We need health care reform. 
The uninsured and underinsured don't give a damn about powerless czars.

Ensign just doesn't want to miss the Glenn Beck bandwagon. And as long as his right-wing do-nothings are frothing about czars and Socialism, about ACORN and fascism, we get stuck with nothingism.

Get serious.

It's time to find the best way to reform the sytem. And since Ensign simply wants to keep things status quo for his buddies from Big Insurance, he's obviously regained his voice.

Too bad he's speaking the language of inaction.

Tell John Ensign you want real health care reform. And speak up against this right-wing campaign of distraction.
You can hit the pavement in protest next week, or sign our petition online.

Take action to take back the debate. It's time to get serious.

If you want real change, now's the time to speak up. 


Erin Neff

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