Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NV-Sen: Harry Reid Saves Medicaid from Disaster... And Republicans Keep Complaining

Cheese louise! No matter what Harry Reid does, the radical right complains. I'm sure if he were to even walk on water, they'd complain about why he doesn't swim.

So anyway, Harry Reid just ensured full federal funding for the Medicaid expansion that Nevada will need to undergo once health care reform is implemented. Once again, Johnny Casino pursued yet another laughable sideshow and "Luv Guv Gibbons" kept acting like a silly clown while Harry Reid actually got something done for Nevada. More people will have health care coverage and the state won't go broke in joining with the feds to make that happen.

And what are the righties saying? Just peek at The Sun's comments. Of course, they hate him for doing it and for caring about the people in this state. And of course, they're completely mum about Ensign's childish demands for attention as he keeps trying to distract us from his sordid affair.

Hopefully, this is just the start of Reid's efforts to improve the health care bill. I'm sure if he includes a strong public option that most Nevadans support, he'll have no problem making the case for reelection next year.

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