Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Any Chance for Maglev?

Again, the Maglev supporters promise they are still in the running and they won't be giving up any time soon. Despite "Luv Guv Gibbons" shooting them in the foot with claims of federal money on the way that turned out not to be true, they're hoping there's still a chance. So is there?

Probably very slim, if any left. Unless some miracle happens and Disney or some other California entity that would greatly benefit from Maglev whips up tons of California support (including powerful politicians like Nancy Pelosi or Dianne Feinstein), there's little left to do.

Sig Rogich made an offer that Harry Reid couldn't refuse. The rest of the sane Nevada pols saw the writing on the wall. Oh yes, and Jim Gibbons is still batsh*t crazy.

It's just too sad to see an otherwise worthwhile project get stuck in the middle of a game of "political tug of war".

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