Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Their Silence Says a Lot

"Not your typical Republicans." That's the meme Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson (R-Henderson) has been using in his quest to replace the "Minority" in his title with "Majority". And this meme isn't even true. It's all based on one dead horse he just can't stop beating.

But now, he's running scared. After Senator Michael Roberson pulled an outrageously misleading publicity stunt at local teachers' union headquarters, he's been pulling out of debates with Teresa Lowry, his general election opponent. And not only that, but he's encouraged his hand-picked G-O-TEA-in-disguise running mates, Patricia Farley & Becky Harris, to pull out of debates with their Democratic opponents as well.

So what are they hiding? And why are they hiding? Even Republicans like Former Nevada Republican Party Chair Amy Tarkanian are asking.

We don't often agree with Amy Tarkanian. But in this instance, she may be onto something.

Sure, we're now seeing our TVs light up (or darken down?) with misleading attack ads. And ironically enough, those attack ads are at least partially financed by the same person whose company's wrongdoing they want to tie to State Senator Justin Jones (D-Enterprise). Even Jon Ralston felt compelled to call BS on this.

Is it any coincidence that this ad dropped just as Senator Jones released his own TV ad touting the work he's been doing for his constituents? And is it any coincidence that this ad dropped just as criticism is mounting over Michael Roberson hiding himself, Becky Harris, and Patricia Farley from public view?

We've asked this before, but we must ask this again today: What are they hiding? And why are they hiding? These three Republicans want to represent a large portion Southern Nevada in Carson City. So why are they hiding from their voters?

Ironically, their silence says a whole lot about them.

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