Monday, September 13, 2010

"Newspaper's" Heads Explode, Dina Titus Slightly Expands Lead

The local "newspaper" of questionable repute already freaked out when Harry Reid slightly increased his lead in their latest poll, but this REALLY got their heads exploding! Dina Titus just moved to a 47-43 lead against Joe Heck!

And by the way KLAS-8 News Now just released the internals of NV-03 and NV-Sen, so we have a better view of what's actually happening:

- Dina now has a 46-41 net positive favorable opinion with 13% neutral, so there's still some wiggle room.

- Heck is also still in positive territory with 39-31 favorability, but that 31% unfavorable rating is a sharp rise from a month ago.

- Both candidates seem to be holding their own on party loyalists, but Heck is leading 49-39 among Independents while Dina has a slightly better grasp on Democrats (84-7) than Heck does among Republicans (82-9).

Again, I won't even get into the "economic questions", as those look like pure crap. Still, it just tickles me to see The R-J go into full meltdown whenever their preferred candidate can't even win in their poll.

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  1. Nice to see Dina doing so well in a not so pleasant atmosphere. RJ, don't get your panties in a bunch. It could get worse for you. One can hope so.