Monday, September 20, 2010

Sharrontology Exposure... She's Back!

Yes, our batsh*t crazy one returns in full force... IN UTAH!

Sharron Angle, the tea party conservative from Nevada, urged Utahns of all stripes to help her “take out” the most powerful man in the U.S. Senate: Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Yep, she's back! I guess Sharrontology's DC handlers didn't go to Utah with her.

“This is mainstream America,” she said, describing a call to action that has drawn so many to the tea party. “This [movement] is folks that really understand we’ve got to get up off our big, fat sofas and do something. We’re not sure what it is, but we’ve heard the call” to participate.

"Mainstream America"? This is "Mainstream America"?

Angle was the closing speaker at a daylong conference at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City hosted by a new coalition of conservatives called Utah United. Billed as “Utah’s Freedom Conference: Reclaiming Our Constitutional Heritage,” it featured workshops on topics that ranged from making use of social media to protecting state sovereignty.

Sponsors included the John Birch Society, the Eagle Forum, the National Center for Constitutional Studies and the Utah Farm Bureau. GOP candidates with a presence included Salt Lake County District Attorney Lohra Miller, 2nd Congressional District hopeful Morgan Philpot and Ken Ivory, who is running for a state House seat in West Jordan. [...]

A former GOP member of the Nevada Assembly, Angle has the backing of the Tea Party Express, Eagle Forum leader Phyllis Schlaffly and the Club for Growth, a conservative group credited with aiding the ouster of incumbent U.S. Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, in last spring’s GOP primary.

Angle triggered controversy last summer for saying that Bennett had “outlived his usefulness” and no longer represented the mainstream, which was her response after the senator publicly doubted Angle would defeat Reid. And now, attorney Mike Lee is the Republican candidate for Bennett’s seat — also with the backing of the Club for Growth.

Remember that?

She just walks right into this...

When she calls this "Mainstream America".

[Sal] Russo runs a PR firm in Sacramento [California], and utilizes his right hand men (and women) in Tea Party Express. There's "grassroots coordinator" Joe Wierzbicki, the same guy who works at Russo's high priced Sacramento PR firm, the same guy who tried to help George Bush drum up support for the Iraq War, tried to swiftboat Barack Obama the same way John Kerry was swiftboated, and is now organizing his luxury coach buses to go across the country and spread lies about Democrats like Harry Reid.

And then there's Howard Kaloogian. He aligned with the radical right and corporate powers that be in the California Legislature. And in 2003, he teamed up with Russo's PR firm, Enron pollster Frank Luntz, talk radio "shock jock" Melanie Morgan, and Newt Gingrich to engineer the 2003 recall campaign that ousted California's duly elected Governor and replaced him with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And in 2006, Kaloogian himself ran for Congress in a special election in San Diego County. Russo joined him yet again, hoping that he'd slip in. But oops, one of Howard's lies about his "time in Iraq" caught up with him. [...]

So they lied about Bush's war in Iraq, they lied about what they actually saw there, they lied their way into the California Recall that saddled that state with "Arnold", and now they're lying about what their little "tea party" is really up to.

Oh, and now they're trying to dupe us into believe Harry Reid is some sort of "Satan Incarnate" and Sharrontology is our only way to salvation. But when we look behind the curtain, we have to notice the corporate fat cats funding the "Tea Party, Inc." gravy train supporting Sharrontology.

They may claim to be "helping the grassroots defeat Harry Reid", but what Sal Russo and his band of corporate funded California Republican PR operatives, along with their high profile national cheerleaders like Sarah Palin, are really up to is a national campaign to replace Democrats like Harry Reid who can think for themselves and help working families in their states with corporate tools like Sharron Angle who will do as they say, NOT as we Nevadans would like.

And when did this become "Mainstream America"? Remember when I said this in May?

[T]his is why Club for Growth is going all out for Angle. Like the Club, she believes in letting the corporate fat cats do whatever they please while we suffer (and ultimately pay the tab for their misdeeds with government bailouts!). Again, even Republicans like Mike Huckabee and Bob Bennett have denounced the "Club for Greed" as extreme. I just wonder if Suzy Lowdown could ever do the same. She tried to sew up the nomination by making the teabaggers (and their corporate backers) her new BFFs. I doubt she'd ever muster the intestinal fortitude to call them out for what they're now doing to her.

Well, I guess I was right. Lowden was "too chicken" to mention it this year, but other Republicans have spoken out against extreme right, pro-Wall Street fat cat groups like Club for Growth and Tea Party Express for wreaking havoc on their party.

And the same extreme right forces that knocked out many rational Republicans while forcing others to tack to the extreme right have gone all out for Sharron Angle. Why? Well, they know she will march in lockstep with them and follow all their orders. That's why she was in Utah this past weekend, courting the teabaggers' favor yet again while all of us here wonder how to get our state back on track.

With Sharron Angle, they win... And we lose. That's why we can't allow them to have their way here.

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