Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Does Sharrontology Hate Our Troops?

Yeah, this is just another ad. But in so many ways, it's so true. And not just of her, but of so many of her GOoPer pals. Look at what just happened.

A Republican-led filibuster on Tuesday blocked efforts to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in the military, shelving an Obama administration priority at least until after the November election.

The measure repealing the military policy banning gays from serving openly was part of the 2011 Defense authorization bill. Democrats tried to bring the bill up for consideration but failed to get the 60 votes necessary to overcome determined GOP-led opposition. Supporters voted 56-43 in favor of starting debate on the Defense bill, short of the 60 needed. [...]

The Defense bill includes a 1.4% pay raise for the troops as well as funding for the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), the Senate Democratic whip, also vowed to bring the Dream Act back for another vote.

Both political parties have used the authorization bill in years past to advance other legislative goals, so the failure of the military spending plan was seen as unusual. But the process had grown politicized, especially in the limited time remaining before Congress was to adjourn to campaign full time.

The "don't ask, don't tell" law, enacted in 1993, has been targeted by President Obama for repeal, and a federal judge in California this month declared it unconstitutional. Under the proposed legislation, repeal would take effect 60 days after completion of a Pentagon report on steps needed to ensure military readiness. The report is due in December. The House passed the repeal in the spring.

This bill includes funding for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. It ensures that all our troops can serve openly and honestly. As I explained earlier, the Senate Republicans are endangering our country by injecting their partisan politics into this. And without a doubt, Sharron Angle would have supported these kinds of ridiculous games, as she had a history of doing this in the state legislature.

So just to spite LGBTQ Americans, Sharrontology would go along with Senate GOoP leadership to harm our country's national security by letting go of much needed soliders. And block cost of living pay raises for all our troops. And put VA funding to help our veterans at risk.

But hey, she has a history of supporting this. If you think that's bad, it just gets worse.

And yes, it's true. These are Angle's own words.

ANGLE: He's 87 years old and has Parkinson's and we have to pay more and more for his healthcare. I know he pays over 800 dollars a month in prescription drugs that we can't get through his VA nor through Medicare -- they just wont cover those things. And I know lots of seniors --

BECKER: Should they cover those things?

ANGLE: No, not if you're working towards a privatized system. And he can pay for them. That's my whole point. Even with the system we've got, it's broken, its not covering for every cost that he has. And if he were dependent upon that, he wouldn't be getting the healthcare he needs and that's why we need to fix the system.

Again, she actually said she wants to privatize the VA.

So does Sharrontology hate our troops? No, I won't go there.

However, yet again, we can not deny that Sharron Angle's dangerous radical right ideological extremism means she'll always put her laissez faire "ideas" over what's best for Nevadans. And yes, she doesn't even mind doing this to our active duty soldiers and our veterans.

Now contrast this to what Harry Reid has been doing.

Yet again, the choice can't be clearer. We have someone who puts his actions where his mouth is in terms of actually supporting the troops. And we have someone who just lies, contradicts, and puts her extreme ideology over real people's needs.

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  1. But is it really DADT, or is it the DREAM Act?

    Make no mistake, McCain is making it all about DADT, but the opposition comes for more than one reason.