Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joe Heck Goes the Way of Sharrontology... Again?

Take a look at what a "birdie" recently dropped in my inbox. Nevada Concerned Citizens, Richard Ziser's extremist pro-bigotry group, just released their general election survey. Of course, as expected, Sharron Angle supports forced birth, workplace discrimination, trampling over people's Constitutional rights, UN conspiracy theories, and much more. Another day in the ugly, hateful synergy of Sharron Angle and Richard Ziser!

But hey, look at who agrees with Sharrontology and her BFF Ziser... It's none other than Joe Heck! Ziser opposes ENDA, which would ensure that people aren't wrongfully fired from their jobs just because of who they are. He remains silent on repealing DADT and letting all our soldiers serve proudly and honestly. He opposes a woman's right to choose and make her own medical decisions. And it seems he doesn't mind dabbling in UN conspiracy theories.

Oh yes, Joe Heck must love himself some "CULTURE WARS!"

But if you think that's bad, it just gets worse.

Hey, don't believe me! Believe Heck's own record. Believe his own words on privatizing Social Security. He led the effort to give tax breaks to big banks in Carson City, and he obviously opposes reigning in Wall Street misbehavior. And he said he wanted to get rid of the Department of Education, the same department that makes block grants that our state's schools depend upon.

So just like Sharron Angle, Heck doesn't care about the needs of real Nevadans.

After all, let's not forget what he's said and done.

Dr. Heck even used the same wording as Angle, “the role of Congress is not to create jobs“, and he also wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare, just as Sharron Angle wants to do. In fact,Dr. Heck took $5000.00 dollars for signing a pledge to privatize Social Security and Medicare.

For more than 200 years, voters in every State have sent their elected officials to DC to help bring money back to their States for all kinds of special projects that create jobs.
There are thousands of special projects across the country and most of them are worthy projects and deserving of our federal dollars, not all special projects are pork.

Because of Nevada’s Democratic delegation of Dina Titus, Shelly Berkley, and Harry Reid, new jobs are being created for Nevada.

Solar plants, wind turbines, and geothermal are all being expanded in our State, and with that expansion comes jobs. A new high speed train system from Southern California to Las Vegas will be built, which will bring more tourists to our State, which will create new jobs. A new VA hospital, more jobs, etc. You get the idea.

None of those special projects could have happened without the help of the federal government and the federal dollars that our elected officials help to secure for those special projects.

Again, Heck's own words.

"The primary's over. We now have to rally around a slate of candidates up and down the ticket -- Sharron Angle all the way down the ticket."

And while Heck made some minor tweaks to it, his platform looks awfully similar to hers.

And indeed parts of the candidates’ platforms are similar.

Heck and Angle believe education decisions are best made at the local level, and both advocate dismantling the Education Department as a Cabinet-level agency. Both have said it’s not the government’s role to create jobs, although both have clarified their positions, saying government instead should create an environment with reasonable regulations and a stable, fair tax base to help the private sector create jobs. Both candidates also oppose abortion, but Heck believes exceptions should be made to save the life of a mother or in documented cases of rape or incest.

Yet there are key differences.

Angle favors privatizing Social Security, saying she wants to “transition out” the current system, while Heck wants a voluntary second option for investing. He would like to see a Social Security program in which people can choose to invest their dollars in diverse markets. Employers would continue contributing to the existing Social Security system.

So I guess Joe Heck and Sharron Angle have an "on again, off again" kind of relationship. He agrees with her when he appeals to teabaggers, but runs as far away from her as possible when trying to appeal to all the rest of us.

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