Monday, September 20, 2010

Sharrontology Makes No Sense, Makes No Cents

Once again, Sharron Angle is contradicting herself. She says she supports the very things she's been opposing, and she says she opposes the very things she's been supporting. And she's not a "typical politician"?

Well, maybe not in one way. Without a doubt, she's gone off the deep end in terms of her radical right "insani-tea". Even Republicans run away from it! And even the teabaggers are having to cancel their Las Vegas convention over it!

But you know what just makes Sharron Angle's campaign even worse? These days, she's trying to distract us from her extremism by trying to blame whoever she can for "The Great Recession". She may say she wants to "talk about the economy", but she never offers any real solutions.

She mocks green collar jobs as "designer" energy, but many real Nevadans have benefitted from Harry Reid's work to encourage more renewable energy development in this state.

She dismisses Reid's work to help save CityCenter as "shifting the decks of The Titanic"...

And mocks his and others' efforts to save the entire tourism industry here in Nevada by preventing the dangerous Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump from opening right along active fault lines (prone to earthquakes) and less than 100 miles away from Las Vegas!

And if you think that's bad enough, it just gets worse. Harry Reid worked to pass the Small Business Jobs Act and the HIRE Act to help small businesses hire workers again.

Sharrontology opposed this help to small businesses, instead favoring the same "billionaire bailouts" that George Bush championed and helped cause the budget deficit we're dealing with today.

And wait, there's even more. When $83 million in aid for Nevada schools was on the line, Sharron Angle blithely dismissed this as solely "an emergency in Harry Reid's mind".

Really? Even though we know that strong schools and good education are essential to a sound economy and more good jobs.

So just to sum up how Sharron Angle wants to "talk about the economy", she wants Nevada to forfeit our green jobs opportunities. And she wants to destroy our tourism and gaming industry by mocking the work done to save CityCenter and supporting turning Nevada into a giant, dangerous, radioactive waste dump that tourists would be sure to avoid. And she wants to let Nevada schools fail because she wouldn't fight for funding to keep teachers on the job.

Well, now we know why she just thinks we're "spoiled".

Seriously, Sharrontology makes no sense AND makes no "cents". In more ways than one, Nevada can't afford her batsh*t crazy.

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