Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Choice Can't Be Clearer: Jobs or No Jobs?

We have this...

For the third year, UNLV hosted the National Clean Energy Summit which focused on bringing green jobs to Americans and Nevadans.

The Center for American Progress Action Fund and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid organized the Tuesday event.

Senator Reid said a greater push behind renewable energy would ease the nation's security problems and help overcome economic woes.

"We have 86 new projects now. Not projects on the drawing board, but actual projects now so these jobs are here, but as we heard the potential is unlimited," said Senator Harry Reid, (D) Nevada.

And we have this...

MGM Resorts International Chief Executive Officer Jim Murren says Sharron Angle's election to the U.S. Senate would hurt Nevada's already struggling economy.

Murren said Tuesday that Angle's comment that the company's CityCenter development injured other businesses in Nevada was disappointing and perplexing. He questions how a U.S. Senate candidate could have such a "poor" understanding of business and economics.

Murren is a Republican who supports Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Angle is Reid's GOP opponent as he seeks a fifth term.

We have jobs on the line. We have our future on the line. We can move forward to more sustainable future, both environmentally and economically...

Or we can move back to the failed policies of the past.

Again, the choice can't be clearer. Let's make the right choice.

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