Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Republican Denouncing Sharrontology

My my, Sharron Angle keeps losing friends in her own party with her wacko extremism.

The chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Hispanic Caucus, who moonlights as a spokeswoman for Sharron Angle, this week denounced the Republican U.S. Senate candidate's ad on immigration.

Tibi Ellis on Monday told 1060 AM Spanish radio host Edwin Saldarriaga that she doesn't agree with Angle's depiction of illegal immigrants in a campaign ad released earlier this month.

"I condemned this type of propaganda, no matter who is running them, where they blame Mexicans as the only problem and where they attack them as the only source of illegal immigration," Ellis told Saldarriaga. "I don't agree with that."

Ellis stressed to Saldarriaga that she was not representing Angle during the interview. Ellis, however, has served as a spokeswoman for Angle, according to an interview she gave to Texas GOP Vote, in which she recounted a campaign trip she took with Angle to Denton, Texas.

Oh, come on. What could possibly be the problem?

Oh, wow.

Ay caramba! So yet again, Sharrontology lied... And now, even people in her own party don't want to be associated with her lies and her scapegoating and her thinly veiled xenophobia.

So she lied about Harry Reid's record and yelled about brown people being "TEH SCAREEE!!!", and she expected to get away with it? Nope. I guess she keeps having to find out the hard way that her lies always catch up with her.

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