Friday, September 24, 2010

Sharrontology Said No to Colon Cancer Screening?

Oh jeez, it gets worse. If you thought this was horrifying...

Then check this out!

Here's the scoop. In 2003, the state legislature passed SB 183, a bill requiring insurance companies to cover screenings to detect colon cancer. The vote in the then Republican-controlled Senate was unanimous (even current Nevada GOP Chair Mark Amodei voted YEA, along with Senate GOP leader Bill Raggio!), and in the Assembly only two Republicans voted against it... And yes, Sharron Angle was one of them!

And in case you were wondering if she's seen the error of her ways, she hasn't.

BOARD MEMBER: Let’s ask you some questions then. The latest mailer that Harry Reid has sent out is one that says you voted against requiring insurance companies to pay for mammograms and colonoscopies. So tell us your rationale for that.
ANGLE: Remember one of the things that we said would always be a good health care cost reform is to eliminate mandated coverages and allow people to participate in a just a basic plan and add the coverages they needed and take on those costs so that they knew what they were actually taking on. Those things that Harry Reid is complaining about are mandated coverages. And we have so many now in this state of Nevada that many insurers won’t even come in this state because they can’t.
BOARD MEMBER: How many are there?
ANGLE: How many insurers are there?
ANGLE: Mandates, I’m not even sure. When I left there were 21. And I don’t know how much beyond that. I’ve heard bigger numbers, but that was one of the things that I even had a bill to remove those mandates here in the state because every time they put a mandate on, somebody can’t afford it, somebody drops off those affordable insurance rolls and now they are uninsured. So if Harry Reid is really genuine and wants people to be insured, he needs to give them the opportunity to afford insurance and one of those things is to take off those mandated coverages, not put on more.

Wait... HUH??!! What is the point of having health insurance if it doesn't cover such basic preventive care as colon cancer screenings? What costs more, a colon cancer screening or intense chemotherapy after it's discovered at a late stage?

Yet again, Sharron Angle doesn't get health care. She doesn't understand that screening is a vital tool in treating colon cancer before it can become fatal. She doesn't understand that health care costs for everyone are far lower when serious ailments like cancer are prevented or treated early. She just doesn't understand good health care policy, and she keeps letting us know that she doesn't even want to.

Desert Beacon is totally correct that Sharrontology is a "Compassionless Conservative"... But that's not just cruel, it's also just plain stupid to oppose insurance coverage for preventive care.

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