Monday, September 27, 2010

Sharrontology Calls Autistic Kids, Cancer Survivors "Special Interests"

Oh, jeez. Sharron Angle is really digging herself a nice, big, gaping hole with this.

“We know that if we could have that affordability across state lines, you’re not, you’re not afraid of competition I know you’re not, you would in fact invite it. I have friends in other states that say “you know I’d like to come to Nevada, but you have problems there in Nevada. And one of the problems is unfunded, well they are unfunded, but these mandates on insurance companies to provide coverage for things that people don’t even really need! And what we need to do is get rid of those mandates, let you provide a comprehensive coverage that takes care of what people need and allows them to buy them the things that they have to have, not things that are mandated by the government. A similar policy, as the things that people write for car insurance, and life insurance, you know you write something that fits the need of a person rather than fitting what the government has done for some politically correct special interest and that’s how we got those mandates.” [emphasis mine]

And Ralston has the audio!

So yet again, Sharrontology Obtuse Angle wants the insurance companies to decide for us "what we need" and what "we don't even really need".

Treatment to help kids with autism become independent adults? Nope, that's something "we don't even really need".

Screenings to detect colon cancer? Nope, that's something "we don't even really need".

Screenings to detect breast cancer? Nope, that's something "we don't even really need".

Making sure pregnant women have health care? Nope, that's something "we don't even really need".

See a pattern here? Again, preventive care works and preventive care saves lives and preventive care costs less! But because Angle is so short-sighted and so much more concerned about insurance company profits than saving real people's lives, she'd rather just deny us that much needed preventive care simply because she and her "Tea Party, Inc." buddies think they're just "things we don't even really need".

Hey, Mrs. Angle. Perhaps your callousness, your heartlessness, your cruelty, your lack of knowledge on sound health care policy, and your stunning lack of interest in good medical practices are all "things we don't even really need"! Maybe instead of calling us and our health "special interests", maybe you should stop trying to subject us to all of your real "special interest" corporate buddies.

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