Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sharrontology Spinning Out of Control... Again

Sharrontology lied on camera yet again
, trying to convince us that she never really said everything she said before June.

In an interview with ABC’s Jon Karl in Minden this week, GOP Senate nominee denied saying that Democratic policies violate the First Commandment or that she said people might seek 2nd Amendment remedies because of distress in the populace – two things she clearly has said. It’s one thing for things to be taken out of context, as they frequently are in campaigns – it’s quite another to deny saying what is on tape!

So yet again, Sharron Angle can't get her facts in order. And does she really think we all have such short memories? We remember what she has actually said, and what she actually advocated (abolishing Social Security and Medicare, storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, abolishing the Department of Education and the EPA, "Second Amendment Remedies", open bigotry, the list goes on...).

I guess this is why "Republicans for Reid" continues to grow with every passing day...

The GOP establishment's support for Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle has begun to dwindle since the controversial Tea Party-backed candidate began campaigning on an unconventional set of values and policies. Perhaps more damaging than Angle's lack of support from many within the Nevada GOP has been the fact that many of the state's most influential Republicans have endorsed her opponent, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Last week, Dawn Gibbons, former First Lady of Nevada, said that she would support Reid because of Angle's "extreme" stances on education. Gibbons was not the first to flee the rank-and-file, however. Other Republicans have cited Harry Reid's ability to bring funding to the state, as well as his leadership role which would be lost should a freshman Senator take his place. Reid lists over 130 Republican supporters on his website.

Oh yes, there are more...

Three Las Vegas Strip casino executives are among a group of Republicans backing Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid in his bid for a fifth term.

Harrah's Entertainment public policy chief Marybel Batjer is on a list of 25 Republican supporters released by Reid's campaign on Wednesday.

MGM Resorts International marketing executive Bill Hornbuckle and senior spokesman Alan Feldman are also named. Reid is in a tight race with Republican Sharron Angle.

He's touting a list of more than 100 Republican supporters as part of an ongoing campaign to label Angle as "too extreme."

Sharron Angle's extreme and dangerous agenda just isn't right for Nevada. Why would we want to lose the Majority Leader for this instead?

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