Monday, June 16, 2014

"Political Issue"

Again? He's going there again? He just doesn't seem to know when to quit before he falls even further behind.

Even as Governor Brian Sandoval (R) agreed to drop his fight against the plaintiffs in Sevcik v. Sandoval, Attorney General candidate Adam Laxalt (R) vowed to continue fighting against marriage equality. And he's still doing so today. Even though he's been "softening" his language (a la Pat Hickey) as of late, Adam Laxalt is still hard set against equality.

“(The ban) is in the (state) constitution. That’s the thing that has been bothersome. It has been made a political issue. If we allow these to become political issues in the attorney general’s office, everyone will lose faith in the attorney general.”

Actually, Mr. Laxalt, this was "made a political issue" by Richard Ziser and Janine Hansen when they placed the Question 2 marriage ban on the 2000 & 2002 general election ballots. They launched a campaign to ban marriage equality in Nevada. And they ultimately succeeded in 2002.

However since then, two things have changed. One is public opinion, both here in Nevada and nationally. The other is federal courts stepping in to remind states that these little marriage bans just happen to violate a little something called the US Constitution.

And then, there's something that hasn't changed: family values. And by family values, we mean true values. Love. Honor. Cherish. Commitment. These are values that be taken away by ballot initiative. Richard Ziser and Janine Hansen tried, but they couldn't succeed at this.

Remember, this "has been made a political issue" by Ziser, Hansen, and their anti-equality allies. This "has been made a political issue" by Adam Laxalt's ideological soulmates whenever they started political campaigns to take away people's civil rights. And this "has been made a political issue" by these same G-O-TEA politicians who are now attacking the courts for acknowledging Constitutional law.

As usual, Adam Laxalt is wrong. Marriage equality "has been made a political issue" by those in his political party who sought political advantage by demonizing LGBTQ people and our Constitutional rights. But now that case law and public opinion are no longer swinging in their direction, they're trying to "play victim" by claiming that those who are now undoing the damage of the past 14 years are somehow making this into "a political issue". Nice try, Mr. Laxalt, but we're onto you and your "political issues".

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