Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Confirmed! Nevada Democrats Have Over 6% Voter Registration Lead Statewide.

Now, it's confirmed. The Secretary of State's office has released the official September voter registration report. And here's what we find.

- Statewide, Democrats now have a 71,561 raw vote lead over Republicans. This amounts to a 6.03% statewide advantage for Nevada Democrats.

- In the whole NV-04 district, Democrats jumped from a 10.56% advantage last month to a 11.84% advantage. This also means Democrats have a 34,457 raw vote advantage here.

- In the key swing region of Washoe County (Metro Reno), Republicans' edge actually fell from 1.55% last month to a mere 1.03% now. Republicans' raw vote edge now stands at 2,385 in Washoe County.

- And as we already covered yesterday, Democrats made HUGE gains in Clark County (Metro Las Vegas) last month.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the official Secretary of State's report today are the Washoe numbers. For all the talk of Washoe Republicansbeing more loyal to Romney and better organized than the rest of the Nevada GOP, Republicans even lost ground there. That really doesn't bode well for Romney or Dean Heller.

And yet again, what's so funny about this is that it comes on the heels of the latest Romney/RNC/Team Nevada voter registration fraud scandal. Despite Nathan Sproul and his likely illegal shenanigans, Nevada Republicans still lost massive ground statewide. It just goes to show how weak both the G-O-TEA brand and Republican field organization have become here in Nevada.

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