Monday, October 1, 2012

RNC/Nathan Sproul Voter Registration Fraud Found in Nevada?

Last week, we found out about voter registration fraud happening under the watch of Republican operative Nathan Sproul and his company, Strategic Allied Consulting. This is what forced the RNC to cancel its contract with Sproul at the last minute... As well as the last leg of its voter registration drive.

Yet even though Sproul is no longer providing registration workers for Team Nevada (the pro-Romney "Shadow GOP" to circumvent the "real GOP" controlled by Ron Paul followers), he may yet cause more trouble for them.

Here's what reporters at the Las Vegas NBC affiliate have found.

In a statement this person gave to the Secretary of State's Office, they say they witnessed a man registering voters in Henderson and "he told her she needed to fill out another form. And when she marked democrat he told her to rip it up and fill out another form and leave party affiliation blank."

Our source was later able to fish out the form from the trash and gave us this picture.

In reporting this to the election’s office, the person there told our source the forms were registered to the group Strategic Allied Consulting, the same firm hired and then fired by the national Republican Party for similar fraudulent voter registration tactics in Palm Beach, Fla., and other battleground states.

This past week, Secretary of State Ross Miller appeared on "The Agenda" and spoke about how his office is handling voter registration fraud.

”We have an Election Integrity Task Force. And I was a criminal prosecutor before I took this job,” Miller said. “And I assured the public that should we see any instances or evidence of election law violations or voter fraud I would take any steps to weed that out.”

Ah, so Nathan Sproul had been up to his dirty tricks again. His workers did nearly exactly the same thing here in Nevada in 2004. And they were doing it yet again this cycle.

This further explains Team Nevada's boasts from late last month.

[RNC Political Director Rick] Wiley also said that during registration efforts, volunteers ask the screening question: Who do you support for president? He said more of those who register nonpartisan say they support Romney than Obama.

That claim, however, won’t be verified until Nov. 6.

Well, this explains it all. Not only were Team Nevada/Nathan Sproul workers turning away Obama supporters, but they were even destroying voter registration forms as soon as someone wanted to register as a Democrat! No wonder why Rick Wiley was boasting about all the pro-Romney Nonpartisans his and Sproul's operation was registering. They were not allowing people to register as Democrats, and they were not registering admitted Obama supporters at all!

What's so ironic about this whole scandal is that "tea party" Republicans have been crying about (nonexistent) "VOTER FRAUD!!!" all year. And they've been pursuing voter suppression tactics under the guise of "fighting fraud". Now, we know that they really care nothing about "fighting fraud". After all, these very "tea party" Republicans had their own party commit fraud.

Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

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