Monday, October 15, 2012

Clark County Voter Registration Pointing to Strong Finish by Nevada Democrats

Last week, we saw the fruit of all that hard labor in voter registration that Nevada Democrats took part in. But wait, there's even more! In this week's Clark County report, we probably have at least 98% of the final voter registration forms in Southern Nevada reported. And here's what we find:

- Countywide, Democrats now have 126,949 more registered voters than Republicans. That makes for a 14.95% Democratic registration advantage here in Clark County. Just last Monday, Democrats had a 14.32% (or 119,314 raw vote) voter registration advantage.

- Democrats are also closing strong in the two key Congressional races here. In NV-03, Democrats rose from a 5,483 raw vote (or 1.66%) registration advantage last Monday to a 6,899 raw vote (or 2.06%) advantage. And in the Clark County portion of NV-04, Democrats soared from a 44,252 raw vote (or 16.90%) advantage last Monday to a 47,029 raw vote (or 17.61%) lead now.

- Democrats are also finishing well in the key State Senate races which will determine control of the Nevada Legislature next year. In the Henderson-Green Valley based SD 5, Democrats' advantage rose from 4.97% last week to 5.33% today. In the Las Vegas-Summerlin based SD 6, Democrats' advantage rose from 6.67% last week to 7.12% today. In the Southwest Vegas Valley based SD 9, Democrats' advantage rose from 7.64% last week to 8.06% today. And finally in the Northwest Las Vegas based SD 18, Republicans actually held steady... In clinging onto their tiny 0.01% "barely there" edge.

As you can see above, overall Democrats made even more astounding gains in voter registration in Southern Nevada as the high backlog of forms last week was being processed, along with the "in person" registrations that were allowed. But as registration officially comes to a close tomorrow, we should finally know the full and final statewide registration numbers later this week. But so far after looking at the tea leaves here in Clark County, Nevada Democrats may very well end up with a 90,000 raw vote edge, or 7% voter registration advantage. And considering where they started in March, it's been quite an amazing ride.

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