Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NV-Sen: One More Serving of "Moderate" Baloney

This week's debate on "Ralston Reports" marks the final NV-Sen debate of the year. And like previous debates, he tried to sound "moderate" at first. But then, something interesting happened : He started to let his G-O-TEA self shine through.

This has been an ongoing struggle for Dean Heller. He occasionally sends signals, such as cheaply produced letters to registered Democrats and (far more expensive) glitzy TV ads with Brian Sandoval, suggesting he's truly a "moderate consensus builder". However, the problem for Heller is that his own record tells a different story.

Oh, and keep this in mind as well.

The latest flyer in my mail box encourages me to vote for Senator By Appointment Only® Dean Heller in the Nevada senate race because he opposes Obamacare. The Faith and Freedom Coalition of Duluth, GA assures me that Senator Heller would “repeal Obamacare.” I’m not surprised, after all this is Jack Abramoff’s former buddy Ralph Reed’s outfit — he, the refuge from the defunct Christian Coalition, would like me to believe that his Koch Brothers financed FFC has my lily-white interests at heart.

After all, nothing screams "MODERATE!!!" like taking help from an associate of an ex-convict and ex-lobbyist known for marrying the radical religious right with the "Tea Party, Inc." corporate right.

Keep this all in mind next time Heller wants to talk up his "moderate" credentials.

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