Monday, October 15, 2012

NV-04: From Delusions of Grandeur to Revolting "Humor"

Yesterday, we saw another NV-04 debate.

Horsford, a Democrat and the majority leader of the Nevada Senate, emphasized his record as a job creator who has been able to help the state cut the budget. One of Tarkanian’s prevailing themes was what he’d do to help protect the American taxpayer.

Neither candidate delved too deeply into social issues, although Beckerman asked them about their stances on birth control and the morning-after pill.

Horsford said he supports a woman’s right to choose; Tarkanian said he respects people who have opposite opinions on the topic.

When Beckerman asked about Medicare, both candidates said they would defend the services the program provides.

“I don’t believe that we should allow our parents and grandparents to be out on their own,” Horsford said. "A voucher says, ‘Here’s a set amount of money for you to go out and meet your health care needs. Above that, you’re on your own,’ ”

Tarkanian said he would not cut benefits to seniors but has advocated presidential running mate Paul Ryan’s plan.

Like the previous debate, Danny Tarkanian tried to tap dance away from the actual issues at hand. Of course, this is pretty much Danny Tarkanian's entire MO. He pretends he "wants to talk about the real issues at hand", but his campaign is actually most comfortable toying with "the darker side of identity politics".

So today, none other than Harry Reid himself spoke up and called out what should be obvious about this race.

Tarkanian and his family are subject to a $17 million judgment to pay the Federal Deposit Insurance Company in the wake of a collapsed real estate deal.

“So simply, voters need to understand this,” Reid said on a conference call with reporters. “Wouldn’t it be kind of embarrassing to the state of Nevada to have somebody back there with a $17 million judgment against them? A judgment by the federal government?” [...]

Last week, the FDIC moved to begin seizing the Tarkanian family’s Nevada assets to put toward the $17 million judgment after his lawyer failed to file an opposition in time. Tarkanian’s lawyer has since filed that opposition and an Oct. 22 hearing is scheduled on the matter.

Tarkanian claims he and his family are the victims of fraud in the deal to develop an “equestrian destination resort” in Southern California. They borrowed money from La Jolla Bank to lend to the developer, using their own personal property as collateral for the bank loan.

But then the developer went broke and the bank collapsed, leaving the Tarkanian family responsible for paying the FDIC back.

Tarkanian denies he will be forced into bankruptcy prior to the election, noting he’s pursuing all legal means to appeal the judgment. But he acknowledged the possibility exists after the election, for both himself and his family members who were part of the deal.

He's liable for $17 million (!!!) in a FDIC judgment. He can't give a real answer to any of the real questions on the important real issues of the day. He's still awfully beholden to "tea party" extremists. And he's trying the ugliest and most desperate kind of "campaign tactics" to win. And we're really supposed to offer some kind of respect and gravitas to Danny Tarkanian?

This is way beyond mere "delusions of grandeur". In some ways, what's happening in NV-04 right now is downright revolting.

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