Thursday, October 4, 2012

Su Voto Es Su Voz... Indeed.

Funny enough, there were many topics that didn't come up in last night's Presidential Debate. One of those was immigration. And there were many other issues, like education, that were mostly glossed over.

Perhaps Mitt Romney should thank his lucky stars for that, since he's already having huge trouble connecting with Latino voters. Today's new Latino Decisions Nevada poll shows quite the eye popping numbers.

3. If the 2012 election for President was held today and the candidates were [ROTATE: Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Barack Obama] who would you most likely vote for? [IF CANDIDATE:] Would you say you are certain to vote [ANSWER] or could change your mind? [IF UNDECIDED:] Well, if you had to choose, who would you lean towards?

Romney – certain 15 Romney – not-certain 1 undecided – lean Romney 1 Obama – certain 69 Obama– not-certain 7 undecided – lean Obama 2 Undecided/don’t know 5
Romney Combined 17
Obama Combined 78

5. If the 2012 election for U.S. Senate in Nevada was held today and the candidates were [ROTATE: Republican Dean Heller and Democrat Shelley Berkley] who would you most likely vote for?

Heller – certain 19 Heller – not-certain 5 undecided – lean Heller 2 Berkley – certain 46 Berkley – not-certain 10 undecided – lean Berkley 2 Undecided/don’t know 15
Heller Combined 26
Berkley Combined 58

As you can see above, Dean Heller is also running into trouble with Latino voters here. Hmmm... I wonder why.

Just as I had expected, what Heller said about the DREAM Act is coming back to bite him. And what Romney won't say about immigration policy continues to haunt him. Nevada Latin@ voters really aren't as stupid as G-O-TEA strategists were hoping they'd be.

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