Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Winning Hand

So folks in Lake Las Vegas didn't see the President yesterday...

But these fortunate souls did.

He didn’t look like the average pizza deliveryman.

Wearing tan slacks and a dress shirt — sleeves rolled up, of course — President Barack Obama sauntered into a Henderson field office for his campaign Monday afternoon, clutching six boxes of Settebello pizza. [...]

It’s a safe bet Henderson resident Marcy Ramirez is up for the challenge [of the final month of the campaign]. The campaign volunteer endured a car wreck two days ago while out registering voters. Then someone stole an Obama-Biden sign from her front yard.

“You just wake up and go, ‘Where am I going (today)?’” she said.

Last month, Ramirez met Obama during a rally at Cashman Center. This time was more serendipitous: She stopped by the Henderson field office to drop off some campaign labels.

And, as luck would have it, Ramirez even had a large photo of Obama with her — perfect for the president’s John Hancock.

“I said, ‘You’re going to sign my picture, right?’” she said. “He said, ‘Yes, yes, of course I am.’”

Wow. What a journey. And what a fortuitous experience for those OFA volunteers. It's amazing to think of what's happened in that office in the last six months.

And it must have been amazing for Mr. President to think of what's happened here in Nevada just since the start of this year. Who would have ever expected President Obama to take a whopping 52-42 lead over Mitt Romney in a Republican friendly (but nonetheless reputable) poll? And who would have ever expected voter registration to change the dynamic this much in Democrats' favor? Who would have ever expected the kind of playing field that we have now? Wow.

OK, so the election is still not over yet. Much can still change. But then again as we near the end, perhaps there's not enough time left for all that much change. Let's face it, at this point we are finally starting to see who has the winning hand and why.

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