Friday, October 12, 2012

Nevada Democrats Nearing 7% Voter Registration Advantage

On Monday, we discussed the incredible voter registration gains that Nevada Democrats have achieved. Apparently, they're still not done gaining yet! Ralston just leaked the new statewide numbers with county breakdowns.

The Democrats now have a larger voter registration edge over Republicans in populous Clark County than in 2008, when the party swept to top-to-bottom victories.

The numbers continue to make Mitt Romney's path to victory very difficult and Dean Heller's road to a full Senate term quite problematic. [...]

The latest Clark County numbers show the Democrats now have a 125,441-voter lead. It was 125,218 in '08. Considering how different the world is -- not so hopey and changey -- that is remarkable.

The statewide edge, as of yesterday, is a little more than 86,000. And they are still counting thousands of new registrations in Clark

Just since Monday's report, Democrats' registration advantage grew from 14.32% to 14.88% as more registration forms have been processed. And apparently because the Clark County Election Department still (!!!) processing voter registration forms turned in last week, this may not even be the end of it.

Oh, and then there's Washoe County. Just since Tuesday's official Secretary of State report, Republicans' advantage in Washoe shrank some more, slipping from 1.03% (or 2,385 raw votes) to a mere 0.68% (or 1,620 raw votes). It looks like Democrats are also making big gains in the Reno area.

And again, we're not even done yet. More registrations up north and down south need to be counted. So keep that in mind when examining the current 86,325 raw vote advantage for Nevada Democrats. That makes for a 6.93% Democratic advantage statewide. If Democrats keep gaining on Republicans at a rate even close to what we've been seeing since the start of the summer, Nevada Democrats will probably close with a 7% statewide voter registration advantage.

Next week, we should finally see the full, official, and final registration report from the state. But in the mean time, there's growing evidence showing just how strong of a position Democrats are to keep Nevada a Blue State.

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