Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mitt Romney's Welcome Back to Southern Nevada

As we had discussed earlier, Mitt Romney is here.

back entrance to Paseo Verde @mypublib & pavilion closed ... on Twitpic

This the line outside @MittRomney's #Henderson event. #W... on Twitpic

And just before he arrived, there were some special people ready to greet him.

Guess who's @MittRomney event @bfades @ProgressNowNV #te... on Twitpic

@ProgressNowNV by @MittRomney #Henderson #Vegas #teaparty eve... on Twitpic

@Astrid_NV & @Sierra_Club super volunteer Teresa outside ... on Twitpic

For the most part, things remained calm at Henderson Pavilion. The only major moment of contention happened when the Univision camera crew came over to film the ProgressNow Nevada protesters and a few Romney supporters were hurling insults at the protesters... And at the Univision camera crew. Other than that, there wasn't really confrontation this morning.

The other big takeaway from this morning was in contrasting what happened on the two sides. Honestly, the line for Mitt Romney looked like a long string of white. There was little diversity in the crowd. And the crowd mostly looked angry.

Meanwhile, the protesters were frustrated over Romney's anti-immigrant stance and refusal to acknowledge the severity of the foreclosure crisis. Yet even there, the group of protesters didn't look as visibly angry as the Romney supporters waiting in line. I just couldn't miss that interesting facet.

At the very least, the nearby early voting site at the Paseo Verde Library should see some action today. We'll have to see how much of a dent it really makes in Nevada Democrats' early vote lead.

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