Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Confirmed: Nevada Democrats Dominated Voter Registration... Again!

Last week, we got a sneak peek of the new voter registration statistics to come. Tonight, The RGJ's Ray Hagar pointed out the reality of the big picture now before us.

Nevada Democrats now hold a 55,716 advantage in number of registered voters in Nevada, according to the August voter registration statistics from the Secretary of State. In July, the advantage was about 48,000.

As is becoming an embarrassing trend for the Nevada GOP, the voter registration numbers of unorganized non-partisans are greater than that of the Republicans.

In August, 6,575 voters registered as non-partisans. Only 5,042 registered as Republicans. Democrats more than doubled the GOP voter registration efforts, gaining 12,163 registered voters.

Of the 1,122,236 active registered voters statewide, 41.28 percent (463,229) are Democrats,36.31 percent (407,513) are Republicans, and 16.66% (1 86,941) are nonpartisans.

If this keeps up, Nevada will no longer be considered a battleground state.

But wait, there's more! Here are some more details on the new numbers:

- In NV-03, the newly regained Democratic registration advantage grew a bit more since last week's Clark County report, edging up from 0.14% to 0.17%. Last month, Republicans had a slight 0.24% edge here.

- We now know the full results for NV-04. Districtwide, Democrats' registration advantage grew from 9.96% last month to 10.56% now.

- Overall for Clark County, Democrats grew their registration advantage from 11.88% at the start of last month to 12.53% now.

- And up north, the Republican registration advantage in Washoe County shrunk from 1.63% at the start of last month to 1.55% now. Believe it or not, this is the "bright spot" for Nevada Republicans!

So yet again, the best the Nevada G-O-TEA could do was hold back some Democratic gains in Reno. Otherwise, they fell even further behind as Democrats ramped up voter registration yet again in and around Las Vegas. Wow.

And you know what? Ray Hagar is right. If this continues, it will become even clearer that Nevada is indeed a Blue State... And Nevada Republicans just can't adjust to the new realities of our state.

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