Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"What's It to You?" More Gibbons Follies!

UPDATE 6:40 AM PST: No really, Gibbons does want to take away our civil rights! Derek is alerting us to Gibbons' plan to gut the Nevada Equal Rights Commission that's responsible for enforcing SB 207 and other anti-discrimination laws that cover women, racial minorities, gay & lesbian Nevadans, and more. Especially considering his "moralistic" hypocrisy, we need to call our legislators TODAY and urge them not to let Mr. "Luv-Guv" (ab)use our state tax dollars to hide away his girlfriends while he guts our civil rights laws!

(H/T Vegas Dave & NV Scandalmonger)

Well, isn't this precious? Just as Mr. "Luv-Guv" arrives at Reno Airport on his way to the Special Budget Session, he's confronted by KLAS TV (CBS-8 Las Vegas) reporter Jonathan Humbert.

Governor Gibbons was in Washington this weekend at National Governors Association conference. When asked about the trip and a possible Reno love interest, he became upset at the questions.

"Did you go with anyone today," asked Reporter Jonathan Humbert.

"Well, what's it to you? Yeah, I went with security," said Gibbons.

"And anyone else," asked Humbert.

"What's it to you," said Gibbons.

Karrasch became romantically linked to the governor after he sent her 800 text messages while they both were married to other people.

"No one else came with you on this trip," asked Humbert.

"No one. No one," said Gibbons.

"Kathy Karrasch didn't accompany you on this trip? She did not," asked Humbert.

"No," said Gibbons.

"She's not in this airport right now," asked Humbert.

"No," said Gibbons.

"She was not on that flight," asked Humbert.

"No," said Gibbons.

Despite the governor's claims, 8 News Now cameras caught Karrasch heading into an airport bathroom. She came out, but ran back inside after seeing a reporter waiting for her.

And this is where it really gets interesting!

Kathy Karrasch and Jim Gibbons have denied that they've been dating for some time, but apparently for some reason they were both on the same flight and they both entered an official State of Nevada (!!!!) vehicle at Reno on Monday. Remember when they both called Dawn Gibbons crazy pants for pointing out their budding romance?

Now frankly, I don't give a rat's @ss about the Governor's personal life. I'm just pointing out his moralistic hypocrisy... And his apparent abuse of state funds. How dare he tell Nevada's LGBTQ families that we don't deserve our civil rights and equal treatment under the law while he abuses his office to shuffle around his girlfriends and uses state (paid for!) phones to "sext" them!

"We are literally less than 12 hours away from a special session that's going to decide almost a billion dollars in cuts and here you are with a woman who's not your wife," said Humbert.

"You are full of shit. You are. You really are. All you're doing out here late at night trying to make a scene," said Gibbons.

On Tuesday, the I-Team sought clarification from the governor. He responded via email and his story had changed. He admitted Kathy Karrasch accompanied him on his trip, but that her expenses were not paid by the state.

He said, "I apologize for any ambiguity or confusion caused by my answers to your questioning of me late last night. I had just finished three days of arduous meetings and a cross-country flight when I was suddenly confronted with your questions. I admit I was briefly stunned to face your brazen inquiries about my personal life."

He continued, "What I do in my private life has nothing to do with my duties as governor. I would like to keep my private life just that -- private."

Oh really? So she even paid for the ride home? And the security detail?

And again, it takes a truly brazen sense of hypocrisy for Gibbons to call for "privacy" when he wants to install InsureNet cameras all over the state just to verify people's auto insurance!

And sadly, while Gibbons stirs up sh*t and creates more girlfriend drama while the Legislature faces all the tough questions on how to clean up his f*cked up budget and preserve some semblance of state government.

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