Friday, February 19, 2010

Thoughts on President Obama's Speech at Green Valley HS

OK, here are some of my first reactions...

- Who cares about an apology for the "Obama-Vegas-gate" nothingness scandal? Obama stressed repeatedly that it's good for people to spend their disposable income here in Las Vegas! I think if it was good enough for Shelley Berkley to give him a standing ovation, we can consider this matter settled.

- Harry Reid must be smiling today! I lost count of how many times Obama stated that Reid has been his good partner in passing the stimulus, passing health care reform, and now making sure we get a good jobs bill. For better or for worse, Obama's and Reid's political fortunes are tied at the tip. And fortunately for both of them, things are looking up today.

- As expected, Obama talked about his newly proposed $1.5 billion foreclosure rescue program that will bring at least $100 million in foreclosure prevention aid to Nevada. This help is long overdue, but at least it's coming. And after HUD rejecting the Clark County's hot mess of a request for additional stimulus funds for distressed homeowner assistance (since they didn't properly spend the original disbursement of funds), this is much welcomed news for Southern Nevada.

- Obama will not give up on health care reform... Or should I say "health insurance reform"? It sounded like he still wants a comprehensive package, but he didn't say the two words that progressives all over Nevada and across the country wanted to hear him say. (Hint: The initials are "PUBLIC OPTION".) I guess for now, we'll have to keep lobbying Obama and Reid until we know for sure that they'll push for it in the final health care push.

- Obama did mention bringing more clean energy jobs to Nevada and finally doing something about climate change. Good... But there weren't any details on Maria Cantwell's CLEAR Act or any other Senate action on a climate bill like the House's bill that passed last July. Hopefully in the coming weeks, we'll get a better picture of what Obama and Reid have planned to finally get something done on the climate front this year.

That's all I have for now. Please excuse me while I return to my sick bed. We'll talk more later. :-)

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