Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Thoughts for Today

OK, here's what I'm looking at on this Thursday:

- Harry Reid is pushing hard for the jobs bill, but Republicans are stalling and the weather isn't helping. (Politico)

- The media pundits are falling all over themselves over "President Sarah"... Does it matter that most Americans still don't want her as President? (Digby)

- Despite all the latest radical right protests about "blizzards proving global warming doesn't exist!", they're again denying reality. Take a look at the epic British Columbia snow shortage coming at the worst possible time, just before the 2010 Winter Olympics. (Eric Boehlert at HuffPo)

- SHOCK! There's still homophobia and fear of homophobia in Hollywood? (Pam's House Blend)

And finally...

- More Gibbons divorce drama scandal... Ay yay yay! (RGJ)

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