Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NV-Sen: Suzy Lowdown Hits a New Low, Speaks Ill of the Dead, Doesn't Even Tell the Whole Story

Oh, looky here! Another day, another Suzy Lowdown scandal emerging...

OK, so the ad doesn't seem so bad? How about the facts behind it?

Former colleagues of a longtime state senator are criticizing Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sue Lowden over her latest campaign ad, which references her 1992 campaign to unseat the late John “Jack” Vergiels.

In the advertisement Lowden tells the audience that she “took on a powerful politician and defeated him because he taxed us while enriching himself” — a reference to Vergiels’ vote to raise lawmakers’ pensions. The increase was reversed before it took effect.

Vergiels, who passed away in December at age 72, was the state Senate majority leader and a former Assembly speaker when Lowden defeated him in the strongly Democratic district. [...]

“Sue Lowden showed an insensitive side to her character with her ad,” said Sen. Bob Coffin, D-Las Vegas. Asked if she should keep the ad up, Coffin said, “It depends on her humanity. If she’s not a humane person, she will leave it up.”

Helena Vergiels, the majority leader’s widow, said she first saw the commercial Sunday.

“I’m absolutely outraged,” she said. “My husband never profited from anything in the Legislature. If anything, we lost money. I’m just flabbergasted. I think she should take it off the air and owes me an apology, and owes my husband’s name an apology.”

So it's bad enough that she won't tell the whole story about the Legislature promptly repealing the pension increase. It's even worse to accuse the recently deceased Jack Vergiels of "taxing us while enriching himself" when he never really made money in the Legislature. But to trash someone who just died a couple months ago and insult his legacy and his family like this?

That's just low... LOW-DOWN.

Congratulations, Suzy Lowdown. You just embarrassed yourself some more and reminded Nevada voters why we can't trust you in any more elected positions.

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