Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Real Super Bowl Winner: Las Vegas??!!

Apparently so...

Nevada sports books recorded a profit on Super Bowl wagers in 2010 for the ninth time in 10 years, according to Nevada Gaming Control Board figures released today.

The state’s 182 sports books took in $82,726,367 worth of wagers, which resulted in a winning percentage of 8.3 percent or $6,857,101. The figures are unaudited.

The money wagered was up $1.2 million from 2009, while the profit increased by $179,000.

And after surviving what was a very rough 2009, I'm sure the casinos here are breathing a sigh of relief over the early good signs for 2010.

So overall, The Super Bowl seemed to be quite super for Vegas.

Maybe the NFL doesn't want to hear about it, but I think this will really get all the movers and shakers in Florida wondering why we made more money off the big game than they did. ;-)

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