Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NV-Sen: Why the Supposedly "Dead" Harry Reid Is Smiling (& Still Alive & Kicking!)

Zeke said so, so you'd better pay attention.

It was a moonlit night. The Zombie Nevada GOP stumbled across the barren sagebrush strewn landscape of Nevada's Desert. The horrifying gurgling and slobbering of the freshly risen party were indistinguishable at first. But slowly recognizable words appears, "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEID! GEEEEEEEEEEEET REEEEEEEEEEEEID!"

The citizenry, having barricaded themselves into any available space, cowered in fear of the monster. No one knew how to stop it, and it seemed inevitable that the sheer will of the beast would be enough to destroy Nevada's political future. Forever.

All seemed lost. Humanity was doomed.

But then, the sound of footsteps echoed across the open desert.

A dark cloaked figure appeared. He was holding a shotgun. And moved straight for the shambling zombie.

The roar of the double barrel blast exploded across the playa. The zombie, too busy spewing its bile crusted murmurings never heard him coming.

I guess I could have just quoted the more "news-y" LA Times "Top of the Ticket" piece on our very own teabagger crazies hammering in what may be the crucial last nail in the coffin of Nevada Republicans' chance to knock off Senator Reid this year... But Zeke said it so much better! And by the way, kiddies, don't think for a moment that this isn't for real. Remember what the 'baggers think about Suzy Lowdown. I hear a number of them (in addition to all the "establishment GOoPers" backing Lowdown) aren't too enamored with Lil' Tark Shark, either.

This should make for another fun year of GOoP incompetence and infighting! :-D

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