Monday, July 19, 2010

Wait, 2010 Isn't Looking So Scary After All?

Often when tuning into the national "mainstream media", they talk about some coming "red tide". And not that long ago, they were proclaiming Harry Reid "dead" (politically)... And even starting to delcare Dina Titus "near dead".

So what happened? Why are Reid and Titus now leading their opponents?

Well, let's see... Both Sharron Angle and Joe Heck refuse to offer any real solutions on anything. This state has suffered greatly during The Great Recession, but think how worse it would be today if Nevada had received no Recovery Act funds to save jobs at our schools and create jobs on things like transportation projects? And how worse it would be if CityCenter had failed and MGM Resorts gone bankrupt? And how worse it would be if renewable energy companies weren't investing here? Well, Sharrontology and Mr. "Heck Paid on Our Check" would not have worked for any of this. Even though both have benefitted greatly from their public sector jobs and taxpayer supported salaries, these two hypocrites refuse to ensure our government works for all of us!

Not to mention Sharrontology wanting to impose theocracy on all of us, since she's part of the extreme religious right that wants "the death penalty for homosexuals and abortionists". Is this what Nevadans want? I think NOT!

Of course, there are many more "Sharrontology moments" worth remembering. And her bizarre friends, like scandal plagued Tea Party Express Chair Mark Williams and California Republican consultant Sal Russo. And not to leave him out, Joe "Heck No" is dancing with the same radical righties that "brung him".

Long story short, the Republican Party has embraced the extreme radical right and offers no real solutions when voters are looking for them in this tough economy. And it goes to show that when it comes to elections, "It ain't over 'til it's over." Of course, this means we still have over 3 months until Election Day (and just under 3 months until early voting begins), but it does seem like that "red tide" crested too early... And the blue wave may very well wash out the remaining residue. ;-)


  1. What we've learned here is that the GOP is actually fighting the Tea Party here and there.

    Harry Reid was supposed to be an easy Daschle-style elimination this year, but Angle is such a lunatic that she's losing.