Friday, July 9, 2010

Obama & Reid Did a Rally... At the Place Sharrontology Would Have Let Fail

So I saw Obama at CityCenter yesterday. And he stuck up for our Senator, Harry Reid.

“There’s a guy from Searchlight, Nevada, who has been fighting for Nevada his whole life, and he’s fighting for working-class families,” Obama said of Reid. “He comes across soft-spoken. But anyone who knows Harry knows he’s made of strong stuff. He’s one tough guy.”

“He doesn’t always do what’s easy, he doesn’t always do what’s popular, but he always does what’s right.”

@HarryReid @BarackObama @AriaLV #Vegas #Nevada rally yesterda... on Twitpic

@HarryReid @BarackObama @AriaLV #Vegas #Nevada rally yesterda... on Twitpic

@BarackObama speaking @HarryReid @AriaLV #Vegas #Nevada rally... on Twitpic

Obama also discussed the state of the economy, along with Harry Reid. They both discussed the need to continue working to bring more jobs back to Southern Nevada. And hey, what more appropriate venue to do this than at CityCenter, the complex Reid worked to save when financing was pulled and MGM Resorts (then MGM Mirage) nearly went bankrupt.

Chris G served w/ @SharronAngle in #NVLeg, saw @Sharrontology... on Twitpic

Actually, one of our Clark County Commissioners summed it up best...

Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani told the crowd: “Sharron Angle would not have lifted a finger to help any one of you ... If it’s not your job to create jobs, what the hell is your job?”

Oh yes, that's right. While Reid has worked hard to bring Recovery Act funds to Nevada, bring more renewable energy projects here, and prevent the collapse of Las Vegas' tourism industry...

Sharron Angle doesn't believe it's her job to ensure we have jobs.

Yep, that's right. If Sharrontology had her way, some 22,000 workers at CityCenter, along with many thousands more MGM Resorts workers, would likely be out of work.

"If @SharronAngle had her way, I would not have my job today.... on Twitpic

In fact, one of these workers, Penny Webster, spoke and reminded us just exactly what the stakes are in this election.

"If Sharron Angle had her way, I would not have my job today. [...] Thanks to Harry Reid, I have a job".

Yep, that really summed it up well. Is Harry Reid some sort of "messiah" for Nevada? Nope. Is President Obama right about Harry Reid being so soft spoken that he may seem dull at times? Sure. And is Reid the best public speaker out there? No, not really.

But hey, I don't need all of that. (And last I checked, Ms. Obtuse Angle isn't all that great in her communication skills.) I need a Senator who works hard for me every day... And for you, and for our friends and family, and for our entire state of Nevada. That's what Reid does, and that's what Obtuse Angle refuses to do.

The choice is clear. And I didn't even need President Obama to tell me that, but it was still great to see him again. And yes, it looks like he's having a good time here in Vegas. :-)

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