Friday, July 23, 2010

Sharrontology Exposure... WaPo Investigates, Obtuse Angle STILL Runs Away from Local Media

This inside look of Sharrontology Obtuse Angle's campaign from The Washington Post (Huh??!! She won't answer local reporters' questions, but will allow "East Coast media elites" to track her campaign??!!) pretty much says it all.

A local actress named Dee Drenta asked Angle what she would do to help people find work. But instead of seizing what seemed like an easy chance to explain her jobs plan, the candidate revealed that she didn't have one.

"It really comes from the statehouse to incentivize that kind of stuff in our state," Angle said. "Truly, the lieutenant governor, Brian Krolicki, you should have this conversation with him. That's his job, to make sure that we get business into this state. My job is to create the climate so that everybody wants to come."

The woman gave her a puzzled look. "I'm sure you're probably planning on working with these people to do these things," Drenta said, hopefully. "Because it's the end result that matters, whether it's specifically in the job description or not."

Of course, technically it's correct that the Lt. Governor's job is to encourage economic development. But you know what? It's not like our US Senators are powerless in this area! Come on, Harry Reid himself has proven this!

And even Sharron Angle's own inner circle are freaking out.

Instead of cheering Angle on, her staff members let loose with their frustration that the campaign and the candidate were floundering. They were buried in calls from voters wondering what to make of Reid's ads and upset that Angle wasn't responding. The two big topics were Angle's statements, now widely distributed courtesy of Reid, that she wants to "phase out" Social Security and that people who receive unemployment benefits are "spoiled."

"Sharron, the people who are working the phones a lot, especially the last couple of days, it's been really tough," said Jeri Taylor-Swade, one of the 20 or so campaign workers crowded into a sparsely furnished conference room.

And even the "Anybody Butt Reid" crowd are reconsidering.

"Nevada is struggling right now; it's really bad," said Nan Okuda, a Las Vegas business consultant who attended the lunch with Angle. She's no fan of Reid, but she didn't come away very impressed with Angle.

"It's like, 'Hmmm, what are you doing back there in Washington?' " Okuda said of the majority leader. "But if he's the best of what's happening, then yeah, I'll go with him."

If even "the base" is getting jittery and "expected supporters" aren't actually going her way, Sharrontology has a problem... A rather BIG problem. And you know what's making it worse?


So Sharrontology has time for the increasingly racist and inflammatory Tea Party Express? And take direction from out-of-state Republican operatives like California political consultant Sal Russo? And she has the time to let The Washington Post do a feature story on her? But she doesn't have the time to take questions from local reporters? And she doesn't have the time to answer questions from us the Nevada voters?

Sharrontology is quickly becoming just another DC Republican, answering to the RNC and "Tea Party, Inc." while ignoring us here in Nevada... And she hasn't even been elected? Well, I guess she's now going out of her way to lose this election...

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