Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reid & Titus AND Heller & Ensign United Against Sloan Gravel Pit Too Close to Henderson... What About Angle? And Heck?

Remember when I told you about that nasty, dangerous gravel pit being proposed not too far from my house, and only 3-5 miles away from Anthem and Seven Hills? Well, now we're seeing some real progress in stopping it.

The U.S. Senate Energy Committee passed a bill today that will block a proposed Sloan Mine gravel pit near Sun City Anthem in Henderson.

The bill, introduced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in May, would block 800 acres of land from being used as a gravel pit.

Mexico-based Cemex and Service Rock Products of California have applied to use sand and rock from the quarry to make concrete during the next 20 years.

In a statement, Reid said he had received comments from thousands of Southern Nevadans who opposed the pit. Many residents expressed fears about the noise, dust, traffic and possible decline in property values they said the pit might cause.

“This bill is vital to protect families in Henderson and I am pleased that it is moving quickly through the Senate,” Reid said in a statement.

Thank goodness Harry Reid cares about the well being of Henderson, and of Nevada as a whole.

And thank goodness Dina Titus is working to gather the House votes to stop the gravel pit.

Even Dean Heller is working to stop this! Hell, even John Ensign took a break from... Well, I shouldn't get into detail on that... I'm just glad he took time last month to testify for this legislation to stop the Sloan Hills Gravel Pit.

But what has Sharron Angle said about this? Well, all I hear is...

So what say you, Sharrontology? And for that matter what say you, "Checks for" Heck? Are they waiting for Cemex and Service Rock to donate a few thousand bucks? Or did they already get the money via Tea Party Express?

Again, why would we give up representatives who actually give a damn about Nevada for a bunch of corporate funded stooges?

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