Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sharrontology Spinning Out of Control

Oh, jeez. It gets worse. Sharrontology attacks the workers of CityCenter, bashes Harry Reid's work to secure financing so MGM Resorts could finish CityCenter, and now lies about it by calling it "stimulus" and "bailout" that she "would not have voted for".

HUH??!! Reid helped secure funding... Private funds. There was no TARP money involved, and there was no ARRA money involved. Clearly, Sharrontology Obtuse Angle knows nothing of which she speaks.

And by the way, Reid has worked hard both to bring our tax dollars home to create jobs AND to encourage private companies to come here to Nevada to create jobs.

And if you think that's bad enough, it gets worse. Much, much worse!

Sharron Angle, the Republican nominee for Senate in Nevada against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, fired back at Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT), who predicted that she would lose to Harry Reid because of her associations with the Tea Party movement. In response, she says that Bennett, who lost his renomination at the state GOP convention this spring, has "outlived his usefulness."

"I'm glad to be lumped to a crowd of mainstream Americans who believe as they showed at the polls that Sen. Bennett has outlived his usefulness. I suppose he's not mainstream any longer," Angle said during an appearance Monday on the Neil Cavuto show. "He has become one of those elitists that is no longer in touch with what the country is really thinking about in these economic times."

"Not mainstream"? "Elitist"? Oh boy, Sharrontology didn't wait long to resume attacks against her own fellow Republicans for not being batsh*t crazy wingnutty enough for her own personal taste. And for the record, Bob Bennett was defeated at a convention, NOT at the ballot box.

And wait, I thought Sharrontology didn't like "death panels"... Apparently when she's a death panel of one making all the life-or-death decisions, she relishes it!

Oh, and Bob Bennett not alone in rejecting her extremism. An increasing number of Nevada Republicans are doing the same.

A growing number of Nevada Republicans are expressing skepticism over Angle's Senate candidacy. Some are even signaling they may not vote for the GOP contender over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in November.

Mayor Geno Martini, the Republican mayor of Sparks, Nev., bucked his own party this week when he endorsed Reid over Angle.

"Harry Reid's been very good for us for many, many years," Martini said of his decision to support the majority leader. "We can't rely on a new person, especially Sharron Angle, to do anything for us here in Sparks."

After first withholding her support, former Nevada Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich, a well-respected figure in the party, announced this week that she would back Angle. But Vucanovich's endorsement ended up sounding more like a scolding.

"I said, 'Sharron, you're scaring the bejesus out of everybody,'" Vucanovich told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, describing "a long, candid conversation" with Angle. "I told her you better make damn sure people really understand what you're trying to do." [...]

State Sen. William Raggio, who Angle tried but failed to unseat in 2008, recently said he will "find it very difficult to support" the Senate candidate and also wagered he's hardly the only member of the Nevada GOP who has concerns.

"I would say there are a lot of Republicans who will find it difficult to support Sharron Angle," Raggio said shortly after the Nevada primary. "Abolishing the Department of Education, phasing out Social Security, those are pretty extreme positions. I think any incumbent is vulnerable, but you have to have somebody that is also acceptable if you're going to win."

Republican Reno Mayor Bob Cashell, who backed Angle's GOP primary opponent, Sue Lowden, recently criticized Angle by calling her an "ultra right-winger." Cashell does not mince words when it comes to Angle: "Our state [would] suffer and we would never get anything done." The Reno mayor intends to hit the campaign trail for Reid.

No wonder why Sharrontology has to depend on corporate funded outsiders like Sal Russo, Ralph Reed, Dick Morris to raise money. If even a growing chorus of conservative Republicans are rejecting Sharrontology, she's toast... Or should I say charbroiled chicken?

And by the way, why wasn't Suzy Lowdown at the GOoP Convention last weekend? Hit too close to home for Sweet Suzy? She now has the experience to smell the start of a losing campaign?

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