Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sharrontology FAIL... UPDATED w/ Wayne Newton's Crickets!

Sharrontology is trying to change the subject by showing us ponies and unicorns, but even more evidence surfaced today that her campaign is spinning out of control. Hell, even radical right radio queen Heidi Harris admitted this last week!

And now, Public Policy Polling confirms what we've all known since last week.

Given the gift of an opponent who's even more unpopular than him, Harry Reid leads Sharron Angle 48-46 in the Nevada Senate race. When PPP last looked at the state in January Reid trailed Sue Lowden by ten points.

So why the dramatic shift? Well, look closely. When Suzy Lowdown lost the GOoP nomination to Obtuse Angle, the Nevada GOoP lost much more than they could have ever imagined.

Only 36% of voters in the state have a favorable opinion of Angle, while 52% see her negatively. 50% consider her political views to be 'extremist' while 39% label them as 'mainstream.' Earlier this year Reid was bleeding a lot of Democratic support and getting absolutely crushed with independents but voter uneasiness about Angle's ideology has caused big shifts on both of those fronts. Where Lowden had led Reid 62-27 with independents, Angle has only a 51-41 advantage. Where Lowden had held Reid to a 75-17 lead with Democratic voters, Angle's nomination has allowed him to expand that to 85-10.

But why? Oh jeez, need we mention this again?

And by the way, Democrats have just jumped to a 49-43 lead in Gallup's generic "Congressional Ballot", so in many ways this is also reflecting the national GOoP's overall struggles in balancing the teabagger crazy with some sort of message that actually resonates with movable voters.

So what's happening? Basically, more and more Nevadans are realizing for themselves how batsh*t crazy Sharron Angle really is.

With all due respect to Majority Leader Reid, who has run an excellent campaign of late, the reason we know Sharron Angle is a right-wing lunatic is that she told us she is -- in her own words. It's her own ideas that have defined her -- not those of Harry Reid. And the reason she's going to lose isn't that Harry Reid says she's out of touch, it's that she actually is out of touch.

Oh, and major H/T to Jed at DKos for catching this newest chuckle courtesy of Sharrontology!


But while Sharrontology keeps taking the crazy to whole new levels, look what happened today.

The U.S. Senate voted on Tuesday 60-40 to end a Republican-led filibuster of legislation that would extend unemployment benefits for an estimated 2.5 million Americans.

The procedural move sets the stage for a final Senate vote, possibly later Tuesday, and approval in the House on Wednesday.

Sharrontology may not like the idea of allowing people to survive while they're looking for work, but Harry Reid finally secured the votes to pass the badly needed extension of unemployment benefits.

And look what else happened today.

A new solar project that will bring 278 jobs to North Las Vegas is a welcomed boost to the city in the valley hardest hit by the Great Recession.

Amonix, a California-based solar power company, announced at a morning news conference it would construct a manufacturing facility at 4975 N. Pecos Road in the Golden Triangle Industrial Park near the Craig Road and Interstate 15 interchange.

Mayor Shari Buck said she had been on “pins and needles” waiting to hear where Amonix would locate its new plant. She said she was thrilled when she found out the company had chosen North Las Vegas.

“We’re going green, but … we’re making sure our economic development supports local businesses,” Buck said. “This is a sure investment in the future of North Las Vegas.” [...]

The new plant will also drum up $9.5 million in local tax revenue and $2.5 million in state tax revenue during the next five years, Zunis said.

The company said it is paying for the expansion with a $5.9 million tax credit from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act and $12 million from private investors. [Emphasis mine.]

Once again, Sharrontology is proven wrong! She says she's "not in the business of creating jobs" and neither is Reid, but she can't speak for the Senate Majority Leader. In fact, Amonix is able to build this solar manufacturing plant thanks to the Recovery Act that Reid made sure to pass, and Reid was able to persuade Amonix to invest here in Nevada.

And the GOoPers are wondering why Sharrontology's poll numbers are dropping like a rock?

UPDATE! Oh my, another Republican for Reid speaking out!

So how's that Sharrontology working out for 'ya, Nevada GOoP? ;-)

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