Friday, July 16, 2010

KLAS/R-J/M-D Poll: Whoops, The People Aren't Buying Sharrontology

So Sharrontology Obtuse Angle has been on a rampage lately, saying God chose her to run, saying the people are on her side, saying "big bad Harry Reid" has to go... In addition to her usual lunacy of letting CityCenter fail, privatizing and eliminating Social Security, repealing health care reform, and much more. So how has it worked out? Now, we finally have a better idea... And now, there's someone credible cosponsoring The R-J's poll as well!

A poll commissioned by 8 News NOW and the Las Vegas Review Journal has Nevada Senator Harry Reid leading Republican candidate Sharron Angle.

The poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research was released in Friday's edition of the Review Journal.

The poll asked residents in Nevada who they would vote for if the election were held today. Forty-four-percent of respondents said they would vote for Reid. Thirty-seven-percent said Sharron Angle. Four-percent said they would vote for someone else. Five-percent said none of the candidates. Ten-percent remain undecided.

So what happened? This!

And ultimately this...

Actually, one of our Clark County Commissioners summed it up best...

Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani told the crowd: “Sharron Angle would not have lifted a finger to help any one of you ... If it’s not your job to create jobs, what the hell is your job?”

Oh yes, that's right. While Reid has worked hard to bring Recovery Act funds to Nevada, bring more renewable energy projects here, and prevent the collapse of Las Vegas' tourism industry...

Sharron Angle doesn't believe it's her job to ensure we have jobs.

Yep, that's right. If Sharrontology had her way, some 22,000 workers at CityCenter, along with many thousands more MGM Resorts workers, would likely be out of work.

"If @SharronAngle had her way, I would not have my job today.... on Twitpic

In fact, one of these workers, Penny Webster, spoke and reminded us just exactly what the stakes are in this election.

"If Sharron Angle had her way, I would not have my job today. [...] Thanks to Harry Reid, I have a job".

Whoops, indeed. People here in Nevada are hurting. And they're angry. But even though they're angry, they're also looking for someone with real solutions.

Of course, we all know Sharron Angle doesn't have any real solutions... Just real batsh*t crazy.

And the man from Searchlight smiles on... And does what he does best, quietly making sure Nevada gets back to work. ;-)

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