Monday, July 19, 2010

Join Progress Now in Demanding Action on Clean Energy!

OK, so Independence Day has passed... But we still have time to declare independence from dirty fossil fuels... Just not much! Progress Now Nevada needs our help in ensuring that clean energy legislation passes Congress.

Of course, Harry Reid has been a champion of comprehensive climate and energy legislation. And thankfully, he's planning to introduce legislation this week!

But as always, the fossil fuel industry lobbyists are at work to weaken the legislation as much as possible, if not completely destroy it like they did The Gulf Coast. Of course, the current legislation about to be introduced is already pared back from more far reaching bills being considered last year... But that's still not enough for the fossil fuel industry, which would rather continue making profits on the cheap (for them, while we pay up the wazoo!) while endangering our planet and our economy... And in more ways than one.

Think about it. We primarily buy our oil from foreign sources (hence why we're so entangled with Middle East affairs, including two wars, right now), with much of the rest produced by way of dangerous offshore drilling schemes. We're endangering our own national security with every day we decline to act on our climate and energy crisis.

But right now, we can change this. We can act. So please contact our Senators and ask them to support comprehensive climate and energy legislation that will end our dependence on foreign oil, take action to stop the worsening climate crisis, and bring many thousands more clean energy jobs here to Nevada. Why are we waiting? It just makes sense to act now!

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