Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are the Beltway/NYC Pundits Giving up on Sharrontology?

If we're to believe the talking heads on MSNBC's often painfully obnoxious "Morning Joe", they're not holding much more hope for Sharrontology Obtuse Angle (Sharron Angle) to keep our little US Senate race exciting enough for them to keep making up shit about discussing.

Meanwhile, I hear our lovely local teabagger flavored fishwrap "newspaper" has something to say about all of this.

Bullshit, crap, more crap, blow job for Ronald Reagan, miss old Ronnie, hate Harry, [LOVE SHARRONTOLOGY OBTUSE ANGLE!!!], bullshit, more bullshit, pure unadulterated crap, derivative crap, insightful conservative hate speech, more crap, small turds, bigger turds, little rat publisher flatulence, bla, bla bla, love the governor... [Governor Who?], all lies about [Sandoval], the governor... [We mean, Sandoval!] ... didn't do any of that, apologist, [all lies about Sharrontology], flatulence, still hate Reid, both of them, Shelley Berkley, lucky she's in that gerrymandered district, more flatulence, Dina Taxes is in trouble, she won but she's in trouble, hate democrats, love the tea baggers, [jerking off for Joe Heck], love the [radical right], lovin Ronnie Reagan, George who?, [Johnny Casino who?], [Gibbons who?], [Angle who?], bullshit, crap, more crap, the only thing I like about the beltway is the name, damn people speeding, crap, bla, crap, bla, shit, bla ffffffffffftttttttt(a tribute to Mad Magazine!)


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