Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sharrontology: Divine Intervention? UPDATED w/ New Poll #s

Why am I not surprised? Come on, this ad wrote itself!

Let's see, Harry Reid helped save 22,000 Nevada jobs. Sharrontology Obtuse Angle believes her job does NOT involve caring about any of our jobs. And GOoPers wonder why I and most everyone else I know consider Sharrontology a wackadoodle extreme right crackpot?

If it weren't for Reid making those calls to save CityCenter, most of us probably wouldn't even be here at this blog. (We'd all be fleeing a state in collapse...)

Oh, but Sharrontology believes God has a very special plan for her.

So is this really God's plan for her? And for Nevada? Is she really that much of a vengeful God?

Yes, and let's not forget Sharrontology is part of the extreme religious right that believes "God wants all the homosexuals and abortionists dead".

Perhaps that's the warped "Christianity" that defines Sharron Angle, but most people of faith here in Nevada would disagree with her on what God wants. Does God want her children to suffer from unemployment, lack of shelter, and lack of food? Does God hate the idea of bringing more renewable energy jobs into the state? Does God want young gay kids killing themselves because they think their families hate them and they're destined to go to hell anyway? Does God want young girls to suffer even more when someone impregnated them by way of violent rape?

But who knows, maybe God does have a plan for Sharron Angle... Perhaps a plan that involves showing Nevadans why we should NOT elect extreme right wing crazies?

UPDATE: Whoops! So is this God's plan for Sharrontology?

We now have something we haven't had in awhile: A poll, albeit a partisan poll, showing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) ahead of his Republican opponent, Sharron Angle. Also, the data looks a bit old.

As Jon Ralston reports, the new poll by Fairbanks, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates, commissioned by the liberal Patriot Majority PAC, shows Reid at 44%, and Angle with 40%. The survey of likely voters has a ±4% margin of error.

Interestingly, the poll was conducted from June 28-July 1, giving us a fortnight-old data set.

Hmmm... And this was data from two weeks ago? BEFORE Obtuse Angle stepped into "CityCenter-gate"? And "Rape-victims-need-to-make-lemons-into-lemonade-gate"? And "Death-panels-for-those-who-disagree-with-me-gate"? And private polls are confirming what this one shows? Jeez, Sharrontology really is digging herself into quite the hole. Thank you, Lord! ;-)


  1. "If it weren't for Reid making those calls to save CityCenter, most of us probably wouldn't even be here at this blog. (We'd all be fleeing a state in collapse...)"

    Oh, please! CC has done comparatively little to help the local economy. In fact, it's added a truckload of room economy that nobody needed. If anything, it provided the industry with an unwanted shock to the system, shaking out in a loss of jobs at places like Binions and Sahara and Wynncore.

    I know that Angle is a loon, but let's not dive over the edge in the other direction in our rush to kiss Murren's tootsies!

  2. Ummm, 22,000 jobs is nothing to scoff at... Not to mention the tens of thousands of other MGM Resorts jobs that would have been jeopardized if the company had gone bankrupt as Sharrontology wanted!

    Those 10,000 construction workers and 12,000 new MGM employees would have been screwed if CityCenter were allowed to fail. Regardless of what one thinks of MGM Resorts as a company, CityCenter has helped in preventing "The Great Recession" from becoming Nevada's "Greater Depression". The other casinos were already laying off due to the bad economy, but even this has changed as both Harrah's and Wynn have started rehiring due to improving tourism numbers.

    The fact of the matter is that Sharrontology's anti-CityCenter, anti-Vegas, anti-Nevada-worker rants are entirely fact-free.