Monday, August 12, 2013

Tired of the Drama?

Earlier today, we gave examples of how the House of Representatives can actually represent Americans and participate in responsible governance. Unfortunately, many crispy G-O-TEA critters still have no interest in that. Hey, why bother with that boring stuff when one can impeach President Obama for baseless "TEA" fueled conspiracy theories... Something?!

As usual, Steve Benen has some good insight into this pressing matter.

Looking back a bit, a variety of voices on the right raised the specter of impeaching President Obama over all sorts of things --immigration policy, czars, recess appointments, DOMA, Benghazi,legislative gridlock, Syria, and job offers, among other things. In the spring, congressional Republicans went a little further, talking up the possibility of impeaching the president over executive orders that don't exist, gun control, and even budget deficits.

But my favorite thing about Blake Farenthold is that he doesn't bother coming up with a pretense for why he wants to impeach the president; he just seems to like the idea in general. Ordinarily, even the most ridiculous members of Congress try to come up withsomething to serve as grounds for impeachment, but Farenthold can't be bothered -- he supports impeachment; he thinks the House would vote for impeachment; and the Texas Republican is confident he knows what he's talking about because grumble, birth certificate, grumble.

Back in January, Rep. Mark Amodei (R-Carson City) proclaimed he was "tired of the drama". Yet since then, he, Rep. Joe Heck (R-Henderson), and the rest of the House G-O-TEA crew have been creating more drama. And not only has this drama been completely unnecessary, but it's also been harmful to the nation.

And in fact, what's actually behind the latest G-O-TEA sturm und drang is just as gruesome. Some G-O-TEA acolytes are actually trying to game this latest & greatest manufactured crisis to force even more austerity upon the nation.

Even prominent Republicans are cautioning their party against creating a government shutdown catastrophe. Are other House Republicans listening? And can they go beyond just putting aside another manufactured crisis fantasy? Can they actually agree to repair the damage they've done in the not-so-distant past?

Or is that just too much to hope for with this Congress? When will they finally tire of the drama? The rest of us outside Capitol Hill already have been for some time.

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