Monday, August 19, 2013

Just a Reminder

As this month began, we looked at what (little) the 113th Congress has accomplished going into August Recess. As the month has gone on, constituents have been letting their Members of Congress know what they think of what's on the agenda on Capitol Hill. And locally, some have done even more.

On Saturday, local OFA volunteers stood outside the Henderson DMV to collect signatures for a petition to Rep. Joe Heck (R-Henderson) to support HR 1565, the bipartisan background checks bill. It's been out for some time, yet Rep. Heck has not taken a position on it. And what makes this even more awkward is that Rep. Heck himself endorsed the content of this bill just six months ago.

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Local @OFA_NV vol's busy w/ #ActionAugust AM 4 #gun safe... on Twitpic

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This is why OFA volunteers were gathering petition signatures Saturday. This is why over 100 people signed... Just that morning. And this is what Rep. Heck will be reminded of before he returns to DC next month.

This policy has broad, bipartisan support. It's now in Congress' hands. And it's truly the least Congress can do on gun violence prevention.

Sometimes, they have to be reminded... Even of the most basic things.

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