Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can't Ignore It Forever

Last night, several constituents asked Rep. Joe Heck (R-Henderson) about gun violence. And while he (again) endorsed expanding background checks in theory, he wouldn't specifically support HR 1565. So today, a number of constituents gathered at Pebble Park (which is right across the street from his district office) to ask him to reconsider.

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And that's not all. A couple of state legislators also appeared. State Senator Justin Jones (D-Enterprise) recounted his own experience with gun safety. And he explained why Rep. Heck should care as well.

Bob Cavazos also spoke today. He's a local gun owner. He even used to belong to the NRA. But now, he's calling on Rep. Heck to stop taking orders from the NRA and start paying more attention to his constituents.

Linda Turner spoke up as well. In March, she was surprised to learn she would have no more appointments with her dentist. The dentist's abusive ex-husband had shot her dead before committing suicide.

These are real stories from real Nevadans. Oh, and the vast majority of the people who showed up today live in NV-03. They were asking their Member of Congress to support bipartisan legislation that the broad majority of voters in this district support.

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So will Rep. Heck pay attention? Will he listen to the broad majority of voters in his own district? He can't ignore this forever.

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