Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Glimmer of Hope

Earlier today, immigrant rights activists gathered outside Rep. Joe Heck's (R) Henderson office. They asked for Rep. Heck to stand up and push for a vote on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). And to everyone's surprise, Rep. Heck came down himself to meet with the activists in the parking lot.

He first spoke with Denice. She explained to Rep. Heck why she and Jacinto (her husband) can't visit his family.

He then heard Victoria's story. She was separated from her mother when she was eight. She hasn't seen her mother since, and she's constantly had to live in the shadows as a DREAMer.

He also heard from Chris and Juan. Both recently signed up for DACA. Juan and his father have even been able to start their own pool maintenance business since then. They were on hand to represent the very people Joe Heck and other House Republicans voted to deport in June.

What a difference two months can make. Since then, Rep. Heck has (again) changed his tune on CIR. He even prayed with the crowd today.

At least today, it seemed like there was renewed hope all around. Rep. Heck agreed to come down and engage DREAM Big Vegas. Everyone discussed without screaming. Everyone even prayed together.

So will this translate into the long awaited House passage of CIR? We shall see. But at least for now, a glimmer of hope survives.

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  1. Yet again, No One standing up for the rights of American Citizens and the protections our Constitution guarantees for AMERICAN CITIZENS. These people invaded our country and they MUST NOT BE REWARDED for their CRIMES! Tell me, What does my American citizenship give me that makes it worthwhile if our OWN GOVERNMENT gives it away to CRIMINALS ??????????????????????