Monday, August 19, 2013

The Stories That Won't Go Away

Last week, we saw some amazing actions off the 215 Freeway near Henderson. DREAMers and other immigrant rights activists gathered to pray outside Rep. Joe Heck's NV-03 district office. And to everyone's surprise, Rep. Heck came down to listen to the activists. He even participated in a couple prayers.

Yet since then, we haven't seen a convincing indication of change from the G-O-TEA bloc in Congress. While Rep. Joe Heck seemed to change his tune last week, we've yet to see if this will translate into action.

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This is why local OFA activists gathered at Pebble Park today. Just across the street from Rep. Heck's office, they shared stories on why immigration reform matters to them.

One local activist spoke of students she worked with when she taught in Southern California. Another shared his experience working with farm workers in Washington State. And Miguel, the local OFA organizer, shared his own family's story and opened up on the journey of his older brothers as DREAMers.

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These are just some of the many stories that Rep. Joe Heck has had to encounter. These are just some of the many people in Southern Nevada calling for reform. These are just some of the many signs of Nevada's and America's future.

These are the stories that won't go away. This is a critical issue that won't go away. So what will Rep. Heck do next?

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