Monday, August 12, 2013

The Id & The Reality

Last Friday, Senator Harry Reid (D) sat down for an interview with KSNV/News 3 Vegas. He discussed a bevy of issues, such as Reid-Gardner and nuclear waste. He also waded (back) into recent events on Capitol Hill. (That starts at 1:55 below.)

Senator Reid especially sounded disappointed over the House's failure (so far) to match the Senate's action on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). Despite all the work that went into both the Senate CIR bill and its wide margin of passage, the House has yet to do anything productive (on this or anything else). This is why Rep. Joe Heck (R-??!!) and other House Republicans are now facing heat from constituents.

House Republicans are now in trouble because they've been embracing so much "TEA" powered crazy. Even other Republicans are trying to get the House G-O-TEA to pull back. They know this is hurting their party's image.

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Yet despite all this, far too many Congressional Republicans continue to follow the G-O-TEA id. They don't want to recognize what's best for the nation's economy and many American families. They're just worried about the next G-O-TEA primary fight.

But what happens when they must re-engage the rest of the nation (outside the G-O-TEA primary electorate)? What happens when they must rediscover reality? Can they do so in time to pass CIR this year? Or will they have to learn the hard way?

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